This way to a fairytale house

Off the beaten path!

Are you a wanderer longing for a destination that’s truly off the tourist trail? If you are – I have a great place to suggest! How about the region of Hrvatsko Zagorje in Croatia? This Austrian – influenced region is known for its picturesque villages, medieval castles like Trakošćan and Veliki Tabor, endless vineyards and thermal springs found amid green hills and fields.

And if you’re decided to visit – I have a perfect place to stay – charming and cozy Villa Botanica, with beautiful interiors and breathtaking views from every room.

Inspire yourself with the photos from our gallery and enjoy your stay in the stunning nature with a pure botanical vibe.

Cosy living room 🙂
Plants and chants
Endless views and vineyards
Stylish upstairs living room
In love with details and flowers.


Bedroom view.
This way to a fairytale house.

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